Register Here for Make it Fair!

Join public and private school educators, parents, and students, university officials, researchers, consultants to consider on one of the most complex and volatile aspects of education: Equity in education funding. That is, funding in which every child has the opportunity to obtain a quality education, regardless of race, creed, color, or financial background.

Through presentations, dialogue, and artistic play we will explore the question: Can we overcome what divides us politically, economically, and culturally in order to develop an imagination of education funding that is fair for all children and upholds the American ideals of freedom, equality, and common social values?

A diverse group of panelists will tell real stories regarding the current situation of education funding. Information will also be shared on the current funding mechanisms for both public and private schools, while identifying areas of elitism and discrimination, and coercive influence by corporate, political, and cultural interest groups.

In roundtable conversation groups, we will add our own perspectives and experiences, and identify our differences along with what we hold in common. Building on our common ground, we will work to develop a new imagination and new stories that embrace truly equitable education funding.

We hope to see you there!

Further details about the conference will be shared as they evolve, including the names of the panel presenters, through our newsletter, website and facebook page. Specific questions can be sent to Gary Lamb at or 518-672-4465, x223