We hold the following to be self-evident truths regarding education:

♦  Children have physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual dimensions, which need to be recognized, understood, and fostered in education.

♦  Education at its highest level is a sacred activity based on an educator’s love of teaching and children.

 ♦  The purpose of education is to provide the appropriate conditions for children to develop their innate mental, social, ethical, and practical capacities to the maximum degree, and to develop a lifelong love of learning as preparation for all aspects of life.

♦  The heart of education lies in the relationship between teacher and student.

♦  All children have a right to a quality education, regardless of their family’s financial or cultural background.

♦  Parents have the ultimate responsibility in determining what is appropriate for their children.

♦  An effective and healthy education system requires a culture of cooperation and collective wisdom and needs to be free of political and economic interest groups.

♦  Education methods, assessments, and learning goals need to arise primarily from educators based on their insights and experiences of the children and the perspectives of their parents with input from the political and economic sectors, rather than the other way around.