Gordon Edwards: Board Member, the Association of Waldorf Schools in North American (AWSNA) and Arcturus Rudolf Steiner  Education Program;

Andrew Gilligan: Class Teacher, Meadowbrook Waldorf School;

Chaddie Hughes: Board Member, Baltimore Waldorf School;

Gary Lamb: Co-Director, Hawthorne Valley Center for Social Research.

Michael Lapointe: Economics Researcher;

Patrice Maynard: Director of Publications and Development, Waldorf Research Institute;

Jane Ried: Admissions Director and Co-founder, Aurora Waldorf School;

We are a group of independent school teachers, administrators, board members, and researchers who are concerned about the educational development of all children regardless of school affiliation or cultural or economic background. We intend to work with a broad spectrum of likeminded people and organizations in an effort to work toward a more equitable, locally based, and adequately funded education system that is free from self-serving political, economic, and corporate interest groups.

Our motto is “Renew From Within, Not Reform From Without.”

The Avalon Initiative is co-sponsored by the Research Institute for Waldorf Education and Hawthorne Valley Center for Social Research.