“. . . you will not be good teachers if you focus only upon what you do and not upon what you are.”

Rudolf Steiner, Foundations of Human Experience, Lecture 1

Teachers who are vocationally called to teach (that is, all teachers!) should band together, insisting on what they know, deep within: that youngsters need different things at different times, and teachers respond to the needs of each child.  To be hog-tied by demands, curriculum benchmarks, and tests invented far away for the children entrusted to a teacher’s care is not only ineffective; it is damaging, and insulting to those teachers who give their all to the students they serve.

Come join us on April 25th at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck in the beautiful Hudson Valley. http://www.eomega.org/. Teachers, administrators, parents and friends will gather to hear of new ideas (grounded in archetypal truths) about teaching, assessment and the future of our children and the vocation of teaching.

A dynamic panel of teaching professionals from universities, public schools, and private schools will introduce some inspiring new ideas, present a research paper on effective assessment without standardized tests, and stimulate imaginations about the joys of teaching and learning. Let’s rekindle these joys before they’re swallowed up by performance pressure and corporate greed!

You will not want to miss this… we want you there with us!

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